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Infertility Specialist

Dr. Jose F. De Leon, M.D., P.A.

OBGYNs located in Dallas, TX & Irving, TX

If you haven’t gotten pregnant after actively trying for one year, or six months if you’re older than 35, consider getting an infertility workup. Dr. Jose F. De Leon, M.D., P.A., in cooperation with OB/GYN Dr. Phuong Nguyen-Luu, offers evaluation and treatment for infertility at his offices in Dallas and Irving, Texas. If you’re frustrated with possible infertility, call one of the offices or book an appointment online for a consultation.

Infertility Q & A

When should I see a doctor about infertility?

If you’ve been actively trying to get pregnant for a year with no luck, you benefit from consulting with Dr. De Leon or Dr. Nguyen-Luu about infertility. Six months of trying at age 35-40 without a successful pregnancy also warrants a doctor’s intervention.

Other reasons you might consult with a doctor early on about infertility include:

  • Being older than 40
  • Irregular menstrual cycles or absent cycles
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Painful periods

If you’ve undergone cancer treatment or your husband has issues with sperm production, you should also seek infertility support.

What causes infertility?

In one-third of infertility cases, the reason for problems for getting pregnant can be traced to the man and in another third, it’s an issue with the woman’s body. Other reasons for infertility are simply unattributable and no reason for the problem can be found.

Women may experience trouble getting pregnant due to:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Abnormalities in reproductive organs, including the uterus, cervix, or fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Early menopause

Men may suffer from issues with semen production or semen quality. Being overweight, smoking, and abusing alcohol or drugs puts both partners at risk of infertility.

How can I boost my chances of getting pregnant?

Regular intercourse around the time of ovulation is the best way to boost your chances of getting pregnant. Dr. De Leon and Dr. Nguyen-Luu can help you track your ovulation, which usually occurs about halfway between your menstrual periods.

Lifestyle changes that include weight loss (or weight gain in underweight women), avoiding alcohol and tobacco, moderate exercise, and limiting caffeine can also help boost your chances of becoming pregnant.

What tests are performed for infertility?

At the offices of Dr. Jose F. De Leon, M.D., P.A., semen testing as well as ovulation testing, ultrasounds, blood tests, and ovarian reserve testing can all help find the root cause of infertility. Ovarian reserve testing examines the quality and quantity of eggs available for fertilization.

How is infertility treated?

If Dr. De Leon or Dr. Nguyen-Luu find a specific cause of infertility, then treatment addresses that cause. Common treatments include:

  • Medications to boost ovulation or sperm production
  • Intrauterine insemination to increase the chances that the sperm reaches the egg
  • Surgery to restore fertility in cases of issues with reproductive organs

In the vast majority of infertility cases, a happy, healthy pregnancy is possible.

For more information about infertility evaluation and treatment, call one of the offices or book an appointment online.